The two most important ingredients to the smooth running of any job are good communication with the client and good quality information, which ultimately lead to good design. My experience gives me the insight to ask the right questions at the right time resulting in efficient progress and avoidance of problems further down the road.  


Creative Draughting provides a bespoke drawing service in the following areas:

  • Architectural & sheet metalwork design and fabrication
  • Automatic operated shop fronts and doors
  • Balustrades
  • Curtain walling systems
  • Canopies
  • Facades
  • General engineering
  • Revolving doors
  • Structural and specialist glazing systems

Drawing Service Options

Each individual client has their own unique type of work and methodology which dictates the suitable draughting package and cost. At the initial job enquiry stage, we’ll discuss the package you need to progress in the most cost-effective way, and the number of drawing issues you’ve budgeted for. As a freelancer who works for multiple clients I specialise in projects that require a quick turnaround (as a general rule maximum two weeks drawing time for each issue). Typical packages would include:

Basic Concept Drawings

Option for clients that require a quick turnaround for drawings on the basis that manufacturing sizes to be determined later on site.
  1. Initial issue for approval
  2. Update to architect’s comments
  3. Final issue if needed.

Comprehensive Drawing Package

Option for clients that require drawings produced in accordance with architects and engineers drawings and site surveys.

  1. Initial issue for approval
  2. Update to architect’s/engineer's comments
  3. Final issue
  4. Manufacturing drawings would be additional.  

Specialised Bespoke Solutions.

Creative Draughting, also offers a fully bespoke service that allows you to bring your ideas in whatever form you have to life, whether that be new products, improvements to or development of existing products, art metalwork, laser cutting profiles, just to name a few. This process generally involves a closer more hands-on working relationship with clients to ensure the best possible solutions. We’ll spend our initial time brainstorming and developing your ideas to form concept sketches that once established will be used to produce drawings for your approval. Once agreed we can then provide manufacturing drawings that can be issued to specialist manufacturers to bring your ideas to reality.

Pricing Options

Most of my drawing work is produced on a “develop as you go” basis, so it suits my clients to work with me on an ongoing hourly rate arrangement with daily updates of progress provided (if requested) to allow them to keep a close eye on the budget.

A fixed price quote may be an option for non-bespoke, standard system type jobs on the conditions that the drawing service package type is agreed, all design elements are agreed, all standard system details are supplied in manufacturers .dwg format, and all the information required to complete the job is provided in a single package in advance of commencing. Any additional changes to drawings not included in the initial quote would be charged at an agreed hourly rate.

Personally I always look forward to the specialised bespoke projects that really get the brain working. Give me a call and we can discuss any type of job that you have.